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  • bae:  come over
  • me:  do you have food
  • bae:  my parents aren't home
  • me:  are they coming back with food


I really resent the idea that if a woman writes about her feelings, she has too many feelings. And I really resent the ‘Be careful, buddy, she’s going to write a song about you’ angle, because it trivializes what I do. It makes it seem like creating art is something you do as a cheap weapon rather than an artistic process.

Taylor Swift’s Road to Vegas (x)



Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

Omg this is cool

Taylor Swift Albums + Vinyl design

[Inspired by BΔSTILLE]


My thoughts exactly.



taeok: #tbt & because I miss you @taylorswift (x)